Comments on “IBM And Microsoft Have Dueling Visions For Software Modeling”

According to InformationWeek, IBM And Microsoft Have Dueling Visions For Software Modeling. However, the article only compares Rational’s contribution to the modeling space and seems to completely ignore other Software Groups contribution. The Microsoft part talks about proprietary models that drive business execution directly. That is all fine, but there is no mention of WebSphere Business Modeler (WBM). In WBM, the organisation can be modeled and then code (BPEL) can be generated to drive WebSphere Process Server. Granted, there is a “code generation” step, but it is a lot closer to the Microsoft model than the comparison the article makes with the use of UML. IBM has a richness of environment to help our customers with their various needs – and this article seemed to only concentrate on a piece of our offerings.

And of course, the recent IBM announcement was in regards to the Complex Systems space and Olso is apparently geared towards IT. I wonder how Microsoft’s Oslo would fare in the development of complex systems?!?

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Java for real-time applications

Some good research done at IBM is finally seeing the light of day. Here is an ACM Queue article that shows that “Java is now an option for realtime [sic!] application programming.

For those who do not know, “real-time” systems are those systems that have a “penalty” associated with missing a time requirement. This penalty, of course, can vary widely, all the way to loss of life. Very often, you will encounter “real-time” systems in the embedded world, i.e., where software and hardware are closely integrated (e.g., a medical radiation device or a cell phone).

This technology can also be found in IBM’s new WebSphere Real Time. Although Java is not currently the main language of our systems customers (C++ and Ada are more prevalent, followed by C), the future seems bright in that direction!