RSD and UPDM: Enterprise Architecture for Systems

Steve Hovater has just published to developerWorks a great article on using the new UPDM functionality in RSD 7.0.5. The article takes you through a short introduction to UPDM, followed by the creation of a small model, and concluding with the use of Eclipse BIRT to create the associated DoDAF views.

If you are into systems development or enterprise architecture, I would recommend you take a look!

Re: IBM digs in with Eclipse for weapons | Reg Developer

Well, it seems that someone at Reg Developer (IBM digs in with Eclipse for weapons) has seen the announcement regarding the new Systems Tooling announcement I blogged about earlier this week.

There is a bit of sensationalism in there. Granted that these tools can be used to develop weapon systems, they are also used in many other industries not so bent on destruction. I know, the announcement did seem to highlight aerospace and defense systems. And UPDM is based on DoD and MOD standards. But even UPDM is now much more of an Enterprise Architecture tool than one specifically dedicated to the military. This may seem a bit apologetic, but I hope it is not. I was in and I have worked with the military. I just think it would be a disservice to the technology to pigeon-hole it into just that domain when it could apply to much more.

Finally, the EU investigation into IBM’s intent to acquire Telelogic has not been delayed indefinitely, as the Reg Developer posting indicates. The EU has now set a new target date of March 19, 2008 for the completion of the enquiry.