What to do in Stockholm?

As I stated previously, I am in Stockholm and after a few meetings held at GMT-5 time (i.e., late in the evening here), I am wondering what to do…

Would anyone out there who have experienced in the Stockholm restaurant/tourist scene like to send suggestions my way?

Thanks in advance!

Four o’clock, nightime, and the weekend

I am currently in Stockholm, Sweden. And here, at 16:00, it is almost night. Stockholm is much farther North than where I normally live: 60° vs. 45° North. This means much shorter days…

I have to stay in Stockholm over the weekend. I was hoping not to have to travel on weekends this year, so that I can spend time with my family, but my first trip of the year gave me meetings on both sides of a weekend. At least, I like Stockholm. It is a nice city and I look forward to visit it again (I was last here in 1999 – things have changed a bit – especially in the suburbs). I have been told that the renovation of the Vasa has finally been completed. The Vasa is a ship that was raised from the lake in Stockholm and it was still being renovated the last time I saw it, seven years ago, I wonder how it looks now. I may very well go and have another look!

One thing for sure, I will try to bag a few geocaches over the next couple of days!