PowerPoint Karaoke (or table topics?)

At the recent ProductCamp Ottawa, one of the submitted topic was PowerPoint Karaoke – something with which I was not familiar. The description seemed interesting, but there were other topics to attend. I actually don’t even remember whether it was one of the picked topics – or maybe it was running at the same time as mine – but that does not matter. I decided to look this up and found a good description (with tips) and this SXSW 2008 recording (they call it “BattleDecks” but it’s the same thing):

This seems like a lot of fun! Back when I was a member of a ToastMasters club, we had this thing called “table topics” where you were given a topic and then, without preparation, had to talk for 40-60 seconds about that topic. This is a similar idea, but with a set of PowerPoint slides! I used to enjoy table topics, I guess I would also enjoy this!