IBM Innovate 2013

Innovate is the IBM Technical Summit. If you are an IT or Systems developer, this is the place to be to see IBM’s innovation in software and systems innovation!

I haven’t been to Innovate for a while, but I was lucky enough to be accepted this year (this will be my 11th Rational conference – and we are on the 11th Doctor…coincidence?).

If you happen to go to the conference, send me a message – perhaps we can meet there! Continue reading

Yes…I’m Tweeting…

As part of RSC2009, we have been encouraged to use Twitter to promote the conference, as well as to report what is happening… So I broke down and got a Twitter account.

You can see the result of my efforts in the new tool I have added in the right column in this blog.

My tweeting tool of choice, at this point, is Tweetie, both on the Mac and on the iPhone.

Hopefully, network connectivity at the conference will be good (i.e., better than last year) so I can do live tweeting!

Rational Software Conference 2009

Once again, the Rational Software Conference is being held at DisneyWorld in Orlando. Except that this year, we have lost the “Developers” (or was it “Development”?)! No matter, same location, new content – and even more content this year with all the Telelogic stuff from their Innovation 2009 conference! Two conferences for the price of one. In case you are wondering, here is the agenda as a Wordle graph (Thanks to the incomparable KellyPuff in her professional personna for this!):

Wordle: RSC2009 - w/o IBM, Rational, TM, and (R)

More information on the conference site!

If you go, look me up!

What happened?!?

There I was, doing so well, blogging from RSDC…and then nothing…

Well, my laptop’s video died! It started having nice, multi-colour bars all over the screen. This basically meant that I was SOL for the rest of the conference. OK. I could have use the terminals that were provided to the attendees – if they had not been taken down!

So what happened during these few days incommunicado? For one thing, I was attacked by a bird. And not even a big bird. I took a walk in the evening and must have strolled close to a nest because this bird suddenly started bombing dives, hitting me with its wings. It was an interesting adventure.

I also managed to get a bit of shopping done at Downtown Disney – I can’t be away from home for a week and not bring back some “souvenirs” (although I saw nothing of Disney World)! My only complaint were the prices! They must be making a huge profit on merchandising! But then, the smiles on the kids was worth it!

On the plus side of the laptop failure is that I got to enjoy the flight home without feeling like I had to do some work.