Drinking from a fire hose…systematically!

It’s been a while since I last posted… I had indicated earlier that I was to start a new job within IBM Rational in January. Well, I have and since then, it has been like drinking water from a fire hose! Not only do I have to get up to speed with the new job, but it appears customers had a backlog of questions over the holidays!

First, the new job is certainly very interesting as it brings me back into an area for which I am passionate: systems and software development. After a couple of years dealing with governance, I am back in the software development realm! Yes! After a few years of concentrating on the IT market, IBM Rational is now getting back into what was always a more traditional Rational market: “technical” software development. Granted, since IBM is somewhat larger than Rational ever was, the new scope is somewhat larger than what Rational used to do. There is more to industrial systems than just software: mechanical, electrical/electronics, and governance are all issues that we need to deal with in this domain. However, I will be concentrating on the software and governance parts of the equation.

So what does this mean from a practical point of view? First, I will be looking, from a product management point of view, at the IBM Rational tools in this domain. This means Rational Rose Technical Developer (a.k.a., RealTime) and Rational Systems Developer. This also means that I will be looking for feedback on these tools, both in this blog or in the developerWorks forums for RSx1 or real-time and embedded

In my new role, I will also have to deal with customers (clients?). I actually like that part of the work. I like taking my head out of the sand within IBM and to see what our users are actually doing with our tools. This can be a very important tool for a product manager. And I already have my first trip planned for next week.

Now… I wonder if the IBM powers-that-be would let me have an official blog on developerWorks

  1. I use “RSx” to denote the new, Eclipse-based, Rational modeling tools: Rational Software Modeler, Rational Systems Developer, and Rational Software Architect