Yes…I’m Tweeting…

As part of RSC2009, we have been encouraged to use Twitter to promote the conference, as well as to report what is happening… So I broke down and got a Twitter account.

You can see the result of my efforts in the new tool I have added in the right column in this blog.

My tweeting tool of choice, at this point, is Tweetie, both on the Mac and on the iPhone.

Hopefully, network connectivity at the conference will be good (i.e., better than last year) so I can do live tweeting!

Rational Software Conference 2009

Once again, the Rational Software Conference is being held at DisneyWorld in Orlando. Except that this year, we have lost the “Developers” (or was it “Development”?)! No matter, same location, new content – and even more content this year with all the Telelogic stuff from their Innovation 2009 conference! Two conferences for the price of one. In case you are wondering, here is the agenda as a Wordle graph (Thanks to the incomparable KellyPuff in her professional personna for this!):

Wordle: RSC2009 - w/o IBM, Rational, TM, and (R)

More information on the conference site!

If you go, look me up!

RSD and UPDM: Enterprise Architecture for Systems

Steve Hovater has just published to developerWorks a great article on using the new UPDM functionality in RSD 7.0.5. The article takes you through a short introduction to UPDM, followed by the creation of a small model, and concluding with the use of Eclipse BIRT to create the associated DoDAF views.

If you are into systems development or enterprise architecture, I would recommend you take a look!

Systems are go!

If there was any doubt about IBM Rational re-insertion in the systems space after the announcement that we intend to acquire Telelogic, these should be put to rest with the announcement made yesterday that New IBM Technologies Help Developers Build Safer Software!

This announcement mentions the new version of Rational Systems Developer, which is now available from Passport Advantage as well as from the support site.

So what is new in RSD 7.0.5? Here’s a quick list:

  • Improved rectilinear routing
  • Configurable Modeling UI
    • Viewpoints let you reduce the UI to only what you need
  • Rich text support for documentation, notes and comments
  • Modeling Reminders
    • “TODOs” for incomplete models
  • Diagram building using drag & drop queries
  • UML 2.1 support improvements
    • Support Information Flow elements (UPDM requirement)
    • Deployment Diagram enhancements
    • Sequence diagram editing enhancements
      • Message and message subset reordering
      • Resizable lifelines
      • Enable/disable message numbering
      • Choose message numbering format
  • BIRT-based model reporting
  • Model analysis and metrics
  • C++ support enhancements – CDT 4.0
  • UPDM

Of course, you also need a testing tool in this space and that’s Rational Test RealTime, which is also mentioned in the article. If you do embedded systems development, you should not have to live without it!

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