PowerPoint Karaoke (or table topics?)

At the recent ProductCamp Ottawa, one of the submitted topic was PowerPoint Karaoke – something with which I was not familiar. The description seemed interesting, but there were other topics to attend. I actually don’t even remember whether it was one of the picked topics – or maybe it was running at the same time as mine – but that does not matter. I decided to look this up and found a good description (with tips) and this SXSW 2008 recording (they call it “BattleDecks” but it’s the same thing):

This seems like a lot of fun! Back when I was a member of a ToastMasters club, we had this thing called “table topics” where you were given a topic and then, without preparation, had to talk for 40-60 seconds about that topic. This is a similar idea, but with a set of PowerPoint slides! I used to enjoy table topics, I guess I would also enjoy this!

ProductCamp Ottawa – November 2, 2013

This upcoming Saturday, November 2nd, ProductCamp Ottawa will be held at the CaseWare 0ffices located in the Saint-Laurent Shopping Centre.

If you have any interest in the various aspects of product management, you should consider registering and attending. There are currently 11 proposed sessions, including my own (session #9: Agility in Product Management).

No one is sure yet which session will be running as the participants will be voting for the selection as the first action of the day.

I look forward to meeting you there!