Papyrus for Real-Time: An Eclipse project proposal

Papyrus UML now has a first sub-project proposal: Papyrus for Real-Time! Check out this post on the Papyrus UML blog. The links page on that blog has also been updated to show this project and the Papyrus datasheets.

Some of you probab;y already know that I’ve been involved in this for some time, mainly through my EclipseCon presentations on this topic. This is now getting real.

I would recommend that you go have a look a the proposal and comment in the accompanying forum.

BridgePoint now open source!

I’ve been talking about open source modelling tools for the last little while, mainly about Papyrus and promoting Papyrus-RT (with which I am, obviously from my posts, involved). Well another company has seen the open source light: Mentor Graphics has now formally released its BridgePoint tools to open source. A new company, OneFact, staffed with ex-Mentor Graphics employees, is taking over the mantle for the maintenance, support, and consulting for the tool.

You can read the announcement here and the accompanying presentation (Prezi) here.

This good news. First, it is further indication that there is a business case around open source modelling tools, so our own efforts are validated. Second, the approach taken by Mentor Graphics does not leave existing customers wondering what is happening or will happen (there have been questions about Mentor Graphics’ intentions for BridgePoint for quite a while) and ensures continuity.

Congratulations and good luck to the folks at OneFact!

An Introduction to Papyrus

It’s been an interesting few months… After a short consulting contract with Zeligsoft, I have a become an employee. In this new position, I am involved with Papyrus in a product management capacity.

For those who don’t know me, I have extensive background in modeling, having worked with many tools and technologies as well as worked to help define some commercial offerings. So being involved in yet another modeling tool should be no surprise. Papyrus, however, is different from those with which I’ve worked: It’s open source… So in addition to the challenges of creating the best product for our customers and clients, there is that of wondering where the money comes from – but that’s a topic for another blog entry.

Papyrus is on the verge of an important milestone: after many years of incubation, both outside and within the Eclipse Foundation ecosystem, it will finally be released at version 1.0 as part of the Eclipse Luna simultaneous release train!

As part of this grand endeavour, I have presented “An introduction to Papyrus“, a short, 35 minutes, talk at Eclipse Day Montreal 2014, held June 10 at Ericsson Canada in Montreal, Quebec. You can find that presentation on Slideshare and below.


The adventure will continue next week as I will participate in EclipseCon France. I will be co-lead of a hands-on workshop at the Working Group Unconference on Getting started with Papyrus and giving a talk about Papyrus for Real Time Embedded Systems development. If you are in Toulouse, France, next week, look me up at the conference!

EclipseCon France 2014

EclipseCon France 2014

RSD and UPDM: Enterprise Architecture for Systems

Steve Hovater has just published to developerWorks a great article on using the new UPDM functionality in RSD 7.0.5. The article takes you through a short introduction to UPDM, followed by the creation of a small model, and concluding with the use of Eclipse BIRT to create the associated DoDAF views.

If you are into systems development or enterprise architecture, I would recommend you take a look!