IBM and Systems Engineering

IBM is still serious about dealing with all aspects of systems development. In the past, this was mainly seen as developing embedded software. More recently, with the rise in popularity of SysML, there have been added capabilities to support systems engineers’ needs for architecture modeling and development tooling. Now, IBM is taking the rest of the tools into consideration by attaching systems development to the Jazz platform:

Jazz Community Site – Expanding horizons: systems engineering and software development

Interesting read and, perhaps more importantly, the start of discussions related to this topic!

If you have any interest in systems engineering (not just embedded software development), please respond to Greg’s invitation to talk and discuss about it!

Still jazzed up!

Jazz is still attracting a lot of attention at the conference – and so it should!

Jazz is a great platform that shows a lot of promise – maybe even more than Eclipse did, and that’s saying a lot!

If you are at the conference, do enquire about Jazz. Even better, go to the reception and live poster session tonight (after visiting me in the Solution Center, of course)! You will get a chance to meet with the developers and learn a lot about this endeavour!

If you are not at the conference (and, if you are a Rational customer, why aren’t you?!?), then go to the Jazz web site and learn more about it!

Jazzing up software development!

As being part of a software company, we may have, in the past, sometimes forgotten that people are involved. My recent work in governance and systems has served to remind me that people are the reason why we need to build all this software and, by extension, all these software tools. Governance is all about empowering people, systems are a combination of hardware, software, and people.

Well, IBM has finally taken Jazz out of the realm of presentations and has now created a web site for it.

But what is Jazz you ask? In short, Jazz is collaboration. Transparent, agile, easy-to-use, consistent, collaboration. Jazz is a platform to empower (Oohh! Governance!!) people to work together to develop the right software.

Go see it. You may like what you see!