IBM Hack Day 2 Project Done!

Well, I’m done. I have finished my hack day 2 project. I can’t say it was without a few misfortune…

First, the system on which I was working had connectivity issues. It’s not really interesting to have a ssh session drop continuously while editing files. That really slowed me down. I have no idea, however, whether this was due to my wireless connection, the cable internet connection, or to the server on the other side.

The second problem I encountered is that the Perl XML::Parser module was not installed on that machine. And of course, the administrator were nowhere to be found. So I had to write up a quick and dirty XML parser tailored to the data I am expecting. Not a great idea – so I’ll have to re-code that when a real parser gets installed. But for now, it seems to work.

So, what was this project you ask? It’s a simple application that take someone’s name and graphically pinpoints their location within the building. I was previously using a manually created database of all the people in the building (maintained religiously by the receptionists). I am now directly connected to the enterprise employee directory. In the end, it is not that much lot less code, probably because of the ^@^%$# parser I had to write, but at least it is always up-to-date! Unfortunately, it only works for that one, single, lonely location in IBM. Maybe other locations will pick it up…

Tomorrow (today?) is Hack Day at IBM

As the title suggest, tomorrow will be the second IBM hack day. I was unable to participate in the first hack day, but this time around, I have and did register a project. Hopefully, I will have time to implement all that I want. It should actually be easy since it consists in porting an old, pre-IBM Rational internal application to a new IBM intranet home with support for internal IBM data sources. I have no idea if that constitutes a mashup (I am merging information from two sources and presenting it in a web-based graphical fashion), but at least it means I’m participating…and maybe will get a t-shirt!

Hack Day at IBM

Hack Day is really getting to be a big thing within IBM. Our own hack day guru, Kelly, has been working extra hard to transform this from a single day of hacking into a full-week event leading to that fateful day. We will be treated with a whole bunch of activities during the week, including training sessions to help get us started!

I had the misfortune of missing the first hack day because of business reasons (those pesky great customers)! But I have an idea this time around and I do intend (feverishly hope) that I will have time that week. I already booked the day, so I should not be getting meeting requests.

Ah! The thrill of writing code again!