Professional use of social web

I have been wondering what can be the professional uses of some of the social web’s most beloved applications.

Some are fairly evident: blogs have been around long enough that people understand their usefulness as an evangelical tool. This has even given rise to flogs (“False/Fake blogs – did I use the term right?) where companies use “actors” to promote their wares.

Wikis have similarly been around for a while as a means of publishing information. Some companies have even taken to providing editors to Wikipedia to ensure the “truth” is told about them.

Even Delicious and other tagging/tracking sites (e.g., Digg) have their use in helping potential users get to the information they need (I know I use this to more easily highlight information off the IBM web sites).

But what about newer offering? How would one use Facebook? MySpace? Flickr? Twitter?

Note quite sure. But the good folks at Pragmatic Marketing have an answer for using Twitter in product management.

Well, I’ll keep on thinking about this…

Snow, snow, and more snow…

We just got through the second snow storm in Ottawa this autumn (we still have a few days before winter officially starts…). The first one dumped about 20cm and we got 37cm yesterday. We may actually have a white Christmas this year!

What that means, is a lot of shoveling. It took me 1 1/2 hours to clear out the snow so I could take the minivan out this morning. And I had to do that because the school buses were canceled, which meant I had to drive my daughter, and her friends, to school. Fortunately, the neighbour brings them back in the afternoon.

And this time, I did take pictures that I posted on Flickr. You should also see a sample on the right, in “My Flickr Photos”.

Now, I have to figure out if I dig the car out of the snow or if I just wait for March to come around…