The iPad

It’s now been two months in the house with an iPad

The kids think it is a great games platform – so much so that the Nintendo DSi’s have seen less action. However, the bickering about playing with it continues (no, we are not getting more than one…).

SWMBO has discovered that it is great to read her online magazines, to access movie sites, and to go through email (which she did not do to often prior to this). She really likes the “instant on” capability. She does miss Flash support as some of here favourite sites provide Flash content. When will those sites realise that they must bend to Apple’s hegemony (;-)!

As for me, I only get to touch it when everyone is away (the pecking order is SWMBO, kids, and then me)… At least, since I work from home, I get it at lunch. I also really like getting instant access to IMDB when we watch movies. I’m also getting hooked on the ability to read comics…but that’s another topic. One aspect that bugs me, and it has nothing to do with the device, is that many magazine do not offer access to their iPad/iPhone app to their print subscribers – one has to buy a second subscription for the electronic version!

One thing for sure is that it should not be thought of as a computer! It is certainly not as versatile, but it does fill a niche in our household.

Dry toast and snow…

I have been accused today that my latest postings have been very dry. My accuser (Jason) also said that he much preferred non-work related posts. Well…I guess I just had to do something about that!

I just wish these things came a lot easier. But today, there is not much I can do. The weather outside is dreadful – but don’t worry, I will not torture you with my singing voice – so I’m staying inside and letting it snow for a little while more! Environment Canada (or whatever the department is named now) is predicting 30-55cm of snow today and overnight. That’s a lot of snow coming and quite a lot is already on the ground. I should probably go outside and move a bit of that snow around, but it’ll probably all fill again soon. I’ll probably just go take pictures.

In the mean time, it’s hot cocoa and movies with the family!

I like to canoe…

On Sunday, it was such a nice day that the whole family decided to do something special outdoors. So we all got in the van and drove to the North end of Gatineau Park, more precisely to Lac Philippe, and rented a canoe for an hour. I like canoeing. I have been canoeing since I was about six years old, and I still enjoy it. I like the quietness on a lake only broken by the song of the paddle.

We even got a bonus on the way to the lake in the form of a deer calmly eating on the side of the road. We managed to park right across it and took a couple of pictures. It must be used to cars as it only gave us a cursory glance.

I have placed some pictures in flickr (and there’s even one of me).

On the plus side, I think I have managed to convinced SWMBO that buying a canoe is not a bad idea… Better get to it before she changes her mind!

What happened?!?

There I was, doing so well, blogging from RSDC…and then nothing…

Well, my laptop’s video died! It started having nice, multi-colour bars all over the screen. This basically meant that I was SOL for the rest of the conference. OK. I could have use the terminals that were provided to the attendees – if they had not been taken down!

So what happened during these few days incommunicado? For one thing, I was attacked by a bird. And not even a big bird. I took a walk in the evening and must have strolled close to a nest because this bird suddenly started bombing dives, hitting me with its wings. It was an interesting adventure.

I also managed to get a bit of shopping done at Downtown Disney – I can’t be away from home for a week and not bring back some “souvenirs” (although I saw nothing of Disney World)! My only complaint were the prices! They must be making a huge profit on merchandising! But then, the smiles on the kids was worth it!

On the plus side of the laptop failure is that I got to enjoy the flight home without feeling like I had to do some work.