The Anti Agile Manifesto

In the tradition of agile bashing (like in the Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development), here is an interesting posting: The Anti Agile Manifesto.

I like the principles behind this posting. It does reflect what I’ve always seen in the software/system delivery world: the so-called “paradigm shifts” are just formalisation of best practices, using different words. This certainly helps the new “gurus” differentiate themselves from the previous gurus, but it also can (and usually does) induce dogmatic fever…

One part of the post of which I am not too fond is the use of “weakly defined” in the last sentence. That is, perhaps, true, but it may not apply to all flavours of “agile”. Also, in many cases, the items on the left are just “kinds of” items on the right, a specialisation, which is the point of the evolution of these new methods. Since I wrote about dogma above, I could mention that these new “methods” are indeed evolutionary and not creationist… ;-).

Still, worth a look, if only to remember where it all comes from!