A Trip through Europe

A few weeks ago, I took a two and a half week business trip through Europe. That is long to be away from the family…

How that trip came about to be so long is interesting… First, I was supposed to attend and present at EclipseCon Europe. Well, that happened and it was a great week: I presented  “Papyrus for RealTime – Executable Modeling on Eclipse” (which was my best audience thus far at EclipseCons, both in terms of size and quality of questions), I was part of the “Papyrus Industry Consortium” launch, I attended various sessions inclusing the Papyrus Summit, and I took part in the PolarSys Steering Committee (where I volunteered to help with the marketing committee – close enough to product management…). I also had a great one-on-one meetings with the eTrice people, which I am sure will lead to great collaboaration for Papyrus-RT. Overall, a very productive week.

But to get back to how the trip got so long… Since I was in Europe, I decided to visit a company that had expressed an interest in Papyrus for Real Time, and to do that meant that I needed to add three days at the beginning of the trip. Although that company is not yet in a position to adopt Papyrus-RT, they are very interested in the work we are doing. I’m hoping they will be able to either join, or be invited into, the Papyrus Industry Consortium.

So that 1.5 weeks… The last week was added because the Ericsson Modeling Days had been (re)scheduled to immediately follow EclipseCon Europe – another week spent in Stockholm where I did a demo of Papyrus-RT to the attendees. Another week of great discussions amongs modeling enthusiasts.

Since I was in Stockholm, I did manage to have a nice dinner with my Swedish friends (I have to go back in the summer…)!

And then, there was the Lufthansa strike…

Ah! The joys of business travels!


INCOSE Canada Conference

Next Saturday, November 15, 2014, the INCOSE Canada Conference will be held at Carleton University. If you are interested in system engineering, go get your ticket through Eventbrite.

It’s a small, half-day conference, but it is still interesting, especially since Ottawa is not always on the circuit for the larger conferences (unless, of course, the government is involved…).

As an INCOSE member, I will certainly be present, so you can look me up at the conference, especially if you are interested in MBSE!

I will also have some Papyrus datasheets with me for anyone interested – and MBSE is mentioned on the datasheet!

I hope to see you there!

EclipseCon Europe 2014 – The Aftermath

I got back from EclipseCon Europe only to be hit by the flu (thanks to my oldest kid…).

Of course, that did not diminish in any way the value of the conference. I saw great presentations, learned new stuff, met with old friends and new acquaintances, some of them very opinionated. Not a single dull moment!

I also did manage to do my little presentation about the work we are doing to bring UML-RT into Papyrus. In hindsight, my presentation should have had a demo, but I think it went well – I even got a question. I have also had a few people talk to me later during the conference and managed a few demos of the current state of the work. I have uploaded the presentation to SlideShare:

If you followed my twitter feed (@tselrahc) or @PapyrusUML, you should have a better idea of what happened. You should also look a the PapyrusUML blog to see highlights of Papyrus events at the conference.

EclipseCon Europe 2014

I am now at EclipseCon Europe 2014 for the week, planning on discussing Papyrus, building alliances and friendships, and promoting our vision of modelling and open source.

I will be presenting the work we are doing with regards to Papyrus-RT during the modelling symposium tomorrow. A short, 10-minutes talk, so I will be concise and  to the point. I will also have a demo for people to see after the talk : code generation from capsule-based state machines and running – all based on Papyrus models.

Are you at the conference? Then look me up!

And follow my twitter feed (and @PapyrusUML ‘s ) to know what happening!