My family discovered this blog!!!

Of course, I had told them about it. Except that I probably forgot to tell my wife’s sister that I put a link to her web site in my sidebar. So she was googling herself when she noticed my page. So of course, she called my wife who got on my case about not telling her about the blog… I am sure I had done that. But she kept saying that I had only mentioned my internal, IBM blog (which she can’t see, of course).

Well, here I go: a public apology! Sorry dear (and sorry chala!)! Mea culpa and all that stuff.

Now, off to email so I can tell everyone in the family before I get into even more trouble…

IBM Bloggers

There are many blogs and sites out there that list the myriad of IBM bloggers. I actually have a few listed in my own blogroll, but that is just a small list of the people! You have to realise that IBM is a huge company, so there is bound to be a bunch of IBMers who blog out there. I would not dream of recreating such a list – the maintenance would just be a nightmare. However, I do believe in trying to publicise what IBMers do! So here are a few links to where you can find other IBMers who blog on their own:

One of the interesting blog to check out is eightbar (named, I assume, in reference to the eight horizontal bars making up the IBM logo). This blog is all about the presence of IBMers in the SecondLife virtual world. [Note to self: I do have to get a new video card so I can join that community!]

IBM also has a thriving internal blogging community and I would invite any IBMer out there to go visit it (contact me if you have no idea where it is)!