Hi. In the spirit of openness and full disclosure, here are a few statements…

I used to work for IBM in various positions (You can what I did on LinkedIn), and that explains why there might be many IBM-related postings.

The purpose of this blog is to:

  • open up a conversation about things technical – whether they exist or not;
  • talk about how this whole social computing thingamajig could influence software development and governance going forward;
  • other things that may cross my mind (or lack thereof).

I will not be talking about one of my other passions: wine. I have a separate blog for this.

Why blog?

  • Because I think it is an interesting discussion medium that fits my introvert personality;
  • I think there is a need for more discussion out there and more point of views;
  • This means that I like comments, be they praise or critique;
  • Go ahead! I dare you to tell me I have strange ideas! (Actually, I think that would be a compliment…);
  • I hope it will help me think. Putting ideas out there and having them commented (OK, ridiculed) is good.

There is, however, one thing I will not tolerate: disrespect. You can tell me I am wrong and out of my mind, but please do so in an intelligent, well-behaved way. If you don’t, your comments will not get published.

Disclaimers:All opinions expressed in any of these blogging forums is strictly my own, and do NOT represent those of my employer or anyone else. (And sometimes, they may not even be mine…but then I’ll let you know!)

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