Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development

By now, everyone doing software (or product) development has heard of the Agile Manifesto (if not, you need to get out of your cave more often).

Like most process, one needs to apply an interative, incremental approach to process adoption. This is why we get something like the Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development.

It would be so funny if it were not so true…

Using Eclipse CDT with PurifyPlus

Having worked in real-time, multi-threaded applications, there are some tools that are just too good not to use as they provide a lot of very useful information. One of these tools is (of course) made by IBM Rational: PurifyPlus. I have always used it in make-driven toolchains (in the good ole days of C++) and it was fairly to configure. But now, there is an article on IBM developerWorks that describes how to do this from within Rational Systems Developer (and therefore, within the Eclipse CDT). If you need to look at memory usage, profiling, or coverage using the C++ on Eclipse platform (or RSD), this is an article to read. Note that the article deals with Linux, but it should work in the same way on other platforms.

Jazzing up software development!

As being part of a software company, we may have, in the past, sometimes forgotten that people are involved. My recent work in governance and systems has served to remind me that people are the reason why we need to build all this software and, by extension, all these software tools. Governance is all about empowering people, systems are a combination of hardware, software, and people.

Well, IBM has finally taken Jazz out of the realm of presentations and has now created a web site for it.

But what is Jazz you ask? In short, Jazz is collaboration. Transparent, agile, easy-to-use, consistent, collaboration. Jazz is a platform to empower (Oohh! Governance!!) people to work together to develop the right software.

Go see it. You may like what you see!