Snow, snow, and more snow…

We just got through the second snow storm in Ottawa this autumn (we still have a few days before winter officially starts…). The first one dumped about 20cm and we got 37cm yesterday. We may actually have a white Christmas this year!

What that means, is a lot of shoveling. It took me 1 1/2 hours to clear out the snow so I could take the minivan out this morning. And I had to do that because the school buses were canceled, which meant I had to drive my daughter, and her friends, to school. Fortunately, the neighbour brings them back in the afternoon.

And this time, I did take pictures that I posted on Flickr. You should also see a sample on the right, in “My Flickr Photos”.

Now, I have to figure out if I dig the car out of the snow or if I just wait for March to come around…

Patterns, anti-patterns, and wikis

It had to happen… Someone started to look at how wikis behaved and created a set of patterns and anti-patterns to demonstrate what to do and not do when dealing with wikis. This is all document on the Wikipatterns (of course…) wiki!

It turns out I may be an “Do It All” on the wiki I just created. I have to turn myself into a “Champion”.