I like to canoe…

On Sunday, it was such a nice day that the whole family decided to do something special outdoors. So we all got in the van and drove to the North end of Gatineau Park, more precisely to Lac Philippe, and rented a canoe for an hour. I like canoeing. I have been canoeing since I was about six years old, and I still enjoy it. I like the quietness on a lake only broken by the song of the paddle.

We even got a bonus on the way to the lake in the form of a deer calmly eating on the side of the road. We managed to park right across it and took a couple of pictures. It must be used to cars as it only gave us a cursory glance.

I have placed some pictures in flickr (and there’s even one of me).

On the plus side, I think I have managed to convinced SWMBO that buying a canoe is not a bad idea… Better get to it before she changes her mind!

Rib and Chicken cook-off in Downtown Ottawa

The International Chicken-rib Cook-Off is a yearly event that happens on the Sparks Street Mall in the middle of downtown Ottawa. And it is happening now!

It’s a good thing that my spouse works downtown and is able to let me know about this. So tomorrow, I’ll hop on the bus (it’s a single bus to get there from my home office) and meet her for lunch. If you are in Ottawa, let me know and we could meet up…

My mouth is already watering just thinking about it…

2007-06-25: I have uploaded a couple of pictures to flickr

Allo! Allo!

Yesterday, on a the Canadian Vision cable channel, they started broadcasting an old British TV show titled “Allo! Allo!“. I know, it’s old, dated, and not up to modern production values, but it is absolutely hilarious.

I watched the very first episode (through the magic of PVRs) and still had a very good time. I always like that, although everyone speaks the Queen’s English (albeit with strange accents), they still don’t understand each other as they are supposed to be speaking French, German, or English.

For some reason, I find I need good comedy these days…and the current sitcoms do not seem to measure up to the classics (now where did I put the Faulty Towers tapes…).

Back on the field…

After about 15 years, I have once again joined a soccer (that’s football for those not in North America) league! I actually joined a local IBM team competing in the local industrial league. And do I hurt…

I am not a young lad anymore and it has been a while since I’ve had a regimen harder than long hikes in the mountain (well, hills) and a few short canoe trips. Playing for 45 minutes was hard. What I realised is that, although I seem to have the endurance down path, I need to work on my speed. I just could not sprint fast enough to make significant plays. My passing and shooting are also pathetic. I have to find a way to practice – maybe help coach my daughter’s team?

Yes, my eldest started playing soccer this year – which is what got me in the predicament I am now in. If she can play, then I should also be able to play, at least to practice with her.

Now for some liniment and a good night sleep!