EclipseCon Europe 2014 – The Aftermath

I got back from EclipseCon Europe only to be hit by the flu (thanks to my oldest kid…).

Of course, that did not diminish in any way the value of the conference. I saw great presentations, learned new stuff, met with old friends and new acquaintances, some of them very opinionated. Not a single dull moment!

I also did manage to do my little presentation about the work we are doing to bring UML-RT into Papyrus. In hindsight, my presentation should have had a demo, but I think it went well – I even got a question. I have also had a few people talk to me later during the conference and managed a few demos of the current state of the work. I have uploaded the presentation to SlideShare:

If you followed my twitter feed (@tselrahc) or @PapyrusUML, you should have a better idea of what happened. You should also look a the PapyrusUML blog to see highlights of Papyrus events at the conference.

EclipseCon Europe 2014

I am now at EclipseCon Europe 2014 for the week, planning on discussing Papyrus, building alliances and friendships, and promoting our vision of modelling and open source.

I will be presenting the work we are doing with regards to Papyrus-RT during the modelling symposium tomorrow. A short, 10-minutes talk, so I will be concise and  to the point. I will also have a demo for people to see after the talk : code generation from capsule-based state machines and running – all based on Papyrus models.

Are you at the conference? Then look me up!

And follow my twitter feed (and @PapyrusUML ‘s ) to know what happening!


IBM Innovate 2013

Innovate is the IBM Technical Summit. If you are an IT or Systems developer, this is the place to be to see IBM’s innovation in software and systems innovation!

I haven’t been to Innovate for a while, but I was lucky enough to be accepted this year (this will be my 11th Rational conference – and we are on the 11th Doctor…coincidence?).

If you happen to go to the conference, send me a message – perhaps we can meet there! Continue reading

I must be getting old…

In the end, I did not make it to SeaWorld…

By the time 16:00 rolled around, I still had not lunched, so I took off for a bite to eat (suchi — yum!). Afterwards, there was just no way I was going to go to the special event – and I had made plans to meet up with some people around 20:30 instead. Well, I took a short nap in my room only to wake up around 21:30. I guess I missed my appointment… Oh well! I’ll go get a glass of milk and off to bed…for real this time.

Oh! And my schedule went pretty much as I indicated this morning. This must have been the busiest I have ever been at one of these conferences, and it was my eight.