INCOSE Symposium 2015

Next week, I’ll be at the 25th INCOSE Symposium in Seattle, WA. I will be in the PolarSys booth in the exhibition hall, presenting and talking about Eclipse Papyrus with my colleagues (and friends) from the CEA. Of course, since this is an INCOSE conference, we will be concentrating on  Papyrus’ SysML capabilities and Papyrus for Real Time.

The plan is to show how Papyrus can help practitioners reach the goals for model-driven engineering from both INCOSE’s 2020 and 2025 Visions.

Will you be at the Symposium? If so, drop me a note and come talk to us at booth B6-B7 in the Exhibit Hall!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Papyrus for RealTime at EclipseCon NA 2015 – the video

In a previous posting, I had mentioned my intro video for my EclipseCon North America 2015 presentation about Papyrus for RealTime.

Well, the recoding of that session has been available since May, and I must have missed it when it was published. Luckily, it was also highlighted in the PolarSys Blog to remind me that I should also post about it here!

So here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

(And now you know what I sound like…)

Papyrus for RealTime – EclipseCon NA 2015 session

On Thursday, March 12 at 11:15, I will be giving a presentation and demo of Papyrus for RealTime. I realise the Eclipse project is yet to be approved, but I’m hoping it will be by the time I give the speech.

One of the new things about EclipseCon is the idea of a speaker pitch. At EclipseCon Europe, in Germany, the pitches were done in the morning for that day’s session, to try and get attendees to go to your speech. For EclipseCon North America 2015, we have been told to provide a short (less than one minute) YouTube video for that purpose. You can find the one for my session at and below.

If you are at EclipseCon, look me up! And I hope you’ll attend my session!

INCOSE Canada Conference

Next Saturday, November 15, 2014, the INCOSE Canada Conference will be held at Carleton University. If you are interested in system engineering, go get your ticket through Eventbrite.

It’s a small, half-day conference, but it is still interesting, especially since Ottawa is not always on the circuit for the larger conferences (unless, of course, the government is involved…).

As an INCOSE member, I will certainly be present, so you can look me up at the conference, especially if you are interested in MBSE!

I will also have some Papyrus datasheets with me for anyone interested – and MBSE is mentioned on the datasheet!

I hope to see you there!