Full Disclosure

In order not to misrepresent myself to the world at large, I have created a disclosure page to this blog. This will explains things like who I work for (IBM) and my obligation in this regard as well as what I plan for this blog. I would suggest you go and read it. Which reminds me I should probably also have a look at the “About” page…so many new things to look at!

While writing this, I noticed that the content was automagically saved…nice!

Title Change…

I decided to change my title…

My IBM internal blog was using the same name, so I needed a better differentiator between my blogs. Since the internal blog was first, it will stay as “Gold” whereas this one with go to “Silver”. This is not to say that this is worth less, I just need a new name and decided to stay with precious metals.

Hello world!

Or rather… Hello WordPress world!

I had started blogging out in Blogger World. However, a fellow IBMer and blogger, Kelly of Kellypuffs fame moved her bog over here. This prompted me to wonder why. Well, after a few online and offline recommendations, I have decided to try this environment a try.

Actually, this is the first test. I am writing this using the HTML editor, where I write everything in HTML (I like the control it gives me over the typography). If this behaves correctly (i.e., according to HTML rules), then I will be more than happy. Else, I will have to keep on looking at the advantages that WordPress has over Blogger (asides from its independence from Google, as someone suggested).

Kelly’s on the move! Why?!?

It seems that my fellow IBM blogger, Kelly, has moved off Blogger and to greener (at least she tells me) pastures.

Blogger is my first attempt at a blog, so I am not overly familiar with the various “engines” out there. However, Kelly’s move has me wondering…is there indeed better environments out there?!? Hey, if it gives me a better editor than what Blogger provides (where at least I can type in HTML without fear of reformatting), I think I would be gone in a second. Especially since I do not yet have much baggage to tie me down anywhere.

So I’m asking the blogosphere at large (OK, the two people who read me – Hi mom!): Why would I want to stay with Blogger and why would I want to move to the “X” engine/site?