Looking for an expert? Check out Steven…

Someone I hold in high esteem and that I would consider a friend just started his own consulting business.

Steven has many years of experience in customizing Rational tools and in creating reports and documentation based on those tools. I have had the pleasure to work with him many times and I have always been impressed by his knowledge, his no-nonsense approach to the work to be done and his commitment and stamina in doing things right. If you have a need for the services he offers, I would highly recommend that you give him a try – you will not be disappointed!

Disclaimer: Steven did not ask me to write this. I’m am doing this on my own volition after seeing his Facebook entry about his web site creation.

Changes to the blog

There have been a few changes to my blog today!

In a post, last September, I mentioned that I had been let go from IBM. Well, it seems that there are not a lot of product managements jobs in Ottawa. So I decided to see if I could make it on my own…

So these changes to the blog reflect that this will be the main landing point for my new endeavour: I am becoming an entrepreneur! Well, more of a consultant than anything else. Some immediate changes:

  • I added Domain names that reflect the company name: “Selrahc Software and Consulting Ltd. / Logiciels et Consultants Selrahc Ltée”. Yes, it does have an English-French bilingual title…
    You can still use “selrahcspt.wordpress.com” and both “selrahcsoftconsult.com” and “selrahcsoftconsult.ca” will also take you here.
  • I changed the theme to a cleaner and, I think, more professional one. I still have to change the image at the top, hopefully with a nice logo.

I have, however, decided to keep the blog name. After all, the information within is better than gold (;-)!

So welcome to my new abode!

Blogging from iPhone

I found myself looking at apps for the iPhone, and I found one that enabled me to post blog entries over the air. Of course, I had to try it out – and this is it!

I don’t know how flexible it is, or whether I need to enter HTML tags for line breaks. And the keyboard, although still usable, is still slower than a real hardware keyboard. Still, a bit painful…and no apparent integration with Safari.

What do you think? Is blogging from a phone, even the mighty iPhone, a useful thing?