I always find it difficult to talk about myself – especially since I am an Introvert (INTP in Myers-Briggs terms) by nature… But, I have made progress over the years and the written media has always been easier for me. Perhaps this new (to me at least) blogging thing will be good…

First, let start with the introduction: Hi! My name is Charles Rivet. How are you? I have already written a bit about where I work and my thoughts for this blog in my disclosure page, so I will not repeat here… So let’s move on to other interesting things.

The title of the blog does have a story. A long time ago, in a city far away, I had a job working with computers (VAXes for those who remember). At that time, I was nicknamed “The Network Pirate” (a.k.a., TNP) by a co-worker (you know who you are…), so the set of utilities I wrote to help my and my co-workers’ tasks was named “gold”. After all, pirates collected gold, didn’t they? Also, and because of the notoriety of TNP, I decided to create an evil twin: Selrahc. So the good twin (i.e., me) was the good worker bee toiling in the enterprise and the evil twin (i.e., me) wrote the utilities and sent out interesting mail to selected subscribers (a.k.a., victims). So for the title of my first blog, I decided to replay on this history and name it “Selrahc’s Gold”. It’s an inside joke and nobody could figure it out, but it played well with the caption, “Panning for gold in my governed thoughts, ungoverned rantings, etc.”

However, I got bit by the blogging bug and I decided to start doing so externally. I named my first blog the same, but hosted on Blogger. It has since been renamed to “Selrahc’s Silver” as I found it confusing to have two blogs with the same name… I picked Blogger mainly because a co-worker and blogging acquaintance, Kelly, had a blog there, and I didn’t know any better. At some point, Kelly moved her blog over to WordPress. This got me wondering about the other blogging sites out there. So I came over, created an account, and I find myself liking it! At least, the HTML editor actually works properly!!!

So with this new and latest blog, I am now going platinum! I actually like the environment a bit better than Blogger, so I will probably stay here (else this blog would probably have been called “Selrahc’s iron” or something).


One of my interests these days is my kids. They are a large part of my life.

I also have a long-time interest in wine, so I have a separate blog related to that which I named “Selrahc’s Ruby” (ruby being a possible colour for wine). I invite you to go over there if you are so inclined.

I am also interested in many geography-based things, such as geocaching and waymarking. You can actually find my stats for these activities in the side-bar, and here:

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