Is Papyrus Ready?

Late last year, Michael Jastram stated that he was disappointed in Eclipse Papyrus, which I will admit was probably a valid concern in the past.

This prompted me to comment on it on the PapyrusUML blog, first in my secret identity as one of the bloggers on that site and then as myself in the comment (thus revealing said secret identity).

As a result of this, Jaxenter invited be to provide a longer response to address various aspects of Papyrus. And I agreed to answer their questions as this type of conversation can only ensure that we have an active, constructive discussion to improve our mutual understanding and Papyrus.

You can see my response in their “Eclipse Papyrus — Ready for the big stage?” article.

In short, it all depends on your expectations. Are you a UML expert or a toolsmith? Then you may very well find what you need in Papyrus. Are you a beginner with UML? Then you may very well be overwhelm by the tool. It’s all a matter of perspective, expectations, and needs!

The one thing I am certain of is that, with the Papyrus Industry Consortium, Papyrus’ future is brighter than a year ago!