Changes to the blog

There have been a few changes to my blog today!

In a post, last September, I mentioned that I had been let go from IBM. Well, it seems that there are not a lot of product managements jobs in Ottawa. So I decided to see if I could make it on my own…

So these changes to the blog reflect that this will be the main landing point for my new endeavour: I am becoming an entrepreneur! Well, more of a consultant than anything else. Some immediate changes:

  • I added Domain names that reflect the company name: “Selrahc Software and Consulting Ltd. / Logiciels et Consultants Selrahc Ltée”. Yes, it does have an English-French bilingual title…
    You can still use “” and both “” and “” will also take you here.
  • I changed the theme to a cleaner and, I think, more professional one. I still have to change the image at the top, hopefully with a nice logo.

I have, however, decided to keep the blog name. After all, the information within is better than gold (;-)!

So welcome to my new abode!