Apple’s iPad

It’s been announced. The new revolutionary gizmo from Apple.

Yes, it looks good. Yes, Jobs did his usual spiel to present the new toy. And yes, when I saw the presentation I wanted one.

The good thing for me is that Apple is giving me some time to think. Had it been available at launch, it might have been a less rational, “want” reaction to buy. So I get to cool off a bit.

Now, my feeling is that it is trying to carve itself a niche market. Then again, Apple is typically good at carving niche and generating “want”. I am just not quite sure yet what that niche is… And I do not yet know whether I fit within that niche… There are certainly some very nice aspects to it: in-house portability (it may be easier to use on a couch to look up IMDB information about the movie I’m watching), functionality (all my iPhone apps and more), decorative (an expensive picture frame when not in use), readable (it’ll be easier to read my eBooks on this than on the iPhone), etc. But it will certainly not be a “real” computer replacement (I don’t see myself editing documents or pictures on it).

So does it fit my usage pattern? In some way, yes. But is it worth the price? That is still debatable. And Apple might lower the cost in the near future like it did for the iPhone. If I compare it to a dedicated eBook reader (e.g., Kindle), then this has much more capacity (and colour) for an incremental cost. One of the things I would have liked to see is some memory extensibility (e.g., an SDHC slot). Granted, Apple wants to seel the enhanced hardware, but even my MacBook Pro has an SDHC slot now – and this fits between the iPhone and the MacBook!

So will I buy it? If it were up to me, I would still think for a while. But SWMBO has already decided that this is the device for her, so we will be getting one when it becomes available…

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  2. I think that they are trying to make an iPhone for old people. The bigger screen will allow older people with poor eyesight to use the device.

    Market expansion perhaps?

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