Everybody does support

This is something that has been in my head since the Rational Software Conference in June…

With the advent of all the social networking opportunites out there, it has become evident to me that support for a company’s products is no longer just limited to the official support organisation. Granted, that organisation is still required as there is a need for customers to call in when they are faced with a problem – we can’t get away from that! However, we must also recognised that our customers are also part of one, and often, many, social networks.

In such a new world order, it belongs to us to become aware of what is being said about our company and our products and to take action when one feels it is required. That action can be to either speak out ourselves – if we have the knowledge – or use our companies networks to inform people who would need to know. And when problems are brought up and discussed in social network fora, we might want to get our support organisation involved!

Does that open the door in our organisation for “social networking monitors”? Perhaps that is not a bad thing!

2 thoughts on “Everybody does support

  1. Interesting thoughts. What this makes me think of is that as an employee you always represent the company even if you are aware of it or not. As soon as someone knows at what company you work at, both you and the company are judged by your actions. Both in RL and in social networks.
    So providing or not providing support/helping out if possible and the way you provide it, really defines you, your attitude to the company and the company itself. It’s really worth some contemplation.

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