Dry toast and snow…

I have been accused today that my latest postings have been very dry. My accuser (Jason) also said that he much preferred non-work related posts. Well…I guess I just had to do something about that!

I just wish these things came a lot easier. But today, there is not much I can do. The weather outside is dreadful – but don’t worry, I will not torture you with my singing voice – so I’m staying inside and letting it snow for a little while more! Environment Canada (or whatever the department is named now) is predicting 30-55cm of snow today and overnight. That’s a lot of snow coming and quite a lot is already on the ground. I should probably go outside and move a bit of that snow around, but it’ll probably all fill again soon. I’ll probably just go take pictures.

In the mean time, it’s hot cocoa and movies with the family!

One thought on “Dry toast and snow…

  1. Much better. I’m looking forward to see the mountains of snow that you will be shoveling….


    BTW: Nice staircase shot.

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