Rib and Chicken cook-off in Downtown Ottawa

The International Chicken-rib Cook-Off is a yearly event that happens on the Sparks Street Mall in the middle of downtown Ottawa. And it is happening now!

It’s a good thing that my spouse works downtown and is able to let me know about this. So tomorrow, I’ll hop on the bus (it’s a single bus to get there from my home office) and meet her for lunch. If you are in Ottawa, let me know and we could meet up…

My mouth is already watering just thinking about it…

2007-06-25: I have uploaded a couple of pictures to flickr

2 thoughts on “Rib and Chicken cook-off in Downtown Ottawa

  1. I do hope you had fun there!

    Our family favourites were Billy Bones and Blazing BBQ. As for drinks, some of the terraces allowed people to bring their ribs as long as they ordered beer…

    Is it just me or is this event a lot smaller than it used to be in previous years?

    And one thing I think is missing is dry rubs ribs…everything was with BBQ sauce. I would have liked to have more variety.

  2. Missed you today. I ended up with 3 full racks and a chicken ‘n ribs combo…….and nothing decent to drink!

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