What happened?!?

There I was, doing so well, blogging from RSDC…and then nothing…

Well, my laptop’s video died! It started having nice, multi-colour bars all over the screen. This basically meant that I was SOL for the rest of the conference. OK. I could have use the terminals that were provided to the attendees – if they had not been taken down!

So what happened during these few days incommunicado? For one thing, I was attacked by a bird. And not even a big bird. I took a walk in the evening and must have strolled close to a nest because this bird suddenly started bombing dives, hitting me with its wings. It was an interesting adventure.

I also managed to get a bit of shopping done at Downtown Disney – I can’t be away from home for a week and not bring back some “souvenirs” (although I saw nothing of Disney World)! My only complaint were the prices! They must be making a huge profit on merchandising! But then, the smiles on the kids was worth it!

On the plus side of the laptop failure is that I got to enjoy the flight home without feeling like I had to do some work.