The Solution Center

Yes, I know, I’m Canadian and I used the American spelling…but that’s the way it’s written here, in Florida…

Yesterday was the opening of the Solution Center. That’s the area where IBM and our partners have booths to show off our stuff – although typically without professional “booth babes” – this is IBM after all! Here, the booth babes/hunks can actually discuss the technical aspects of their products!

I am manning a pedestal in the Tech Preview lounge, hidden behind a hip-high half-curtain, at the far back of the room. Well, we’re not exactly hidden, but there is reduced traffic because it is at the back and the entrance to the “walled-off” area is also at the back, away from traffic flow. At least, there is a food table and bar nearby…

Not that it made any difference – I did not manage to have time to grab a bite! Yes, I was that busy! And that is a good thing!

So what am I showing? New technology, of course! I have some interesting stuff to show regarding architecture management of complex systems, how SOA fits within the systems space (where the techniques behind SOA have been applied for years and years), and about embedded development technology. No. No product announcements. This is just technologies with which we are “playing” and that could potentially make it into a future product. This effort gives us a chance to show this stuff to our customers and to gauge their interest and get their feedback. This helps us determine whether our direction and thinking is right.

Oh! You want to know more?!? Unfortunately, I can’t really discuss this in an open forum like a blog… But if you are at the conference, come and see me (and my other tech preview lounge and solution center colleagues, but my stuff is nicer…)!