How I spent last night

Rebuilding and optimising VMware images…

How glamourous!

I use VMware extensively to prepare demos. It’s just easier to revert to a snapshot after a demo and quickly be ready to run the demo again with a “fresh” installation! This is especially important if running against development code that is not fully tested, as I am doing at the conference.

However, when you have a VMware image that has multiple, branching snapshots (and an older laptop), it can take a while to switch between snapshots. Typically, in a one-on-one customer situation, this is not an issue. I would typically be there to show some specific functionality and do not have to switch snapshot. And if I do, I can always engage them in conversation about other topics. But at a conference pedestal, I do not have that luxury. I need to be able to switch quickly. Well, that meant that I had to clone my image into multiple ones as this is faster than restoring a snapshot.

I was actually surprised at how quickly and painless that was – and I ended up with smaller, faster images! Nice functionality!

On the other hand, producing a small demo movie took close to 2 hours on the laptop… Can I get a Mac?!?