IBM to acquire Telelogic

Now this is big news in the Systems space!

Very early this morning, IBM has announced its intent to acquire Telelogic AB. I would recommend you have a look at the press releases around this.

It was also announced this morning during the Rational Software Development Conference keynote address by Rational’s general manager, Dr. Danny Sabah. Being in this space, I feel a bit bad for Watchfire’s acquisition last week as it got a bit eclipsed…

Of course, as an IBM employee, I can not comment much about this. However, this is just an intent and still has to pass some conditions before it happens. So for now, it’s business as usual!

I guess this means people may stop asking if we are serious about the systems space…or at least, I hope!

2 thoughts on “IBM to acquire Telelogic

  1. Hi Yoni!

    We can’t have any plans yet. Up until IBM gets 90% of the shares, Telelogic is still the competition and we need to keep treating them that way.

    However, in the event the acquisition does go through, the official line is that we would be committed to supporting and ensuring the success of _all_ our customers.

    And yes, NASA is using RoseRT as the press release states! And they will be using it to lauch the James Webb Space Telescope in 2013. So there is still life in that product!

  2. What is the impact of IBM’s acquisition of Telelogic on Rational Rose RT ?

    IBM now own Rose RT, Telelogic Tau and Rhapsody. Those are 3
    heavyweight UML 2.0 modelling tools addressing the RT space.
    Which of them will be discontinued ?

    If NASA are really using Rose RT, then surely IBM need to continue supporting it, right ?

    Do IBM have a plan yet regarding this ?

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