The Welcome Reception

Tonight was the welcome reception at the conference. It was held in a huge, cavernous, darkened ballroom. At one end, there were music videos playing on huge screen with a DJ (VJ?) playing the music. At first, I thought that the room was way to large for the number of people in it. However, as I started moving around, I noticed that the size was a plus! When close to the “front”, you could watch the videos, listen to the music, dance, etc. But you could not carry on a conversation. Luckily, once at the “back” of the room, the sound levels were more tolerable and you could actually talk very comfortable with someone.

In between the loudness and the relative quite, lay libation stands and food. However, asides from the comforting red glow of the heat lamps, it was difficult to figure out what was offered. Even the few signs explaining the food were strategically placed in font of a light, so that they were difficult to read. The food, mostly finger-based, was actually pretty good.

But the conversation was better – both with colleagues and with customers.

Now, back to the room so I can work on that demo.