First half-day behind me – already!

The conference is off to a good start, after a few coffees…at least, they are serving Starbucks coffee.

So I did meet with two systems customers thus far and they have provided good feedback regarding our direction, what their immediate problems are, and where we should be going (please, no jokes here…). There was also an interesting speech during lunch (buffer conference food, not much to say). The major problem, however, was the quality of the sound. It was simply terrible for those of us sitting in the back. I have no idea if it was better in front, but it certainly did not give a great impression! It was also a very generic, “feel-good” presentation. Not much to learn, but a decent overview of the industry.

If you are at the conference and would like to talk to me regarding where you think IBM Rational should be going in the systems space, please post a comment to this blog (or leave me a message at the message centre). I would certainly be pleased to hear what you have to say!