Next week: RSDC 2007!

Until last year, I had not missed a Rational conference since Seattle. I was always one of the last ones to sit down on opening day. Last year, I was doing governance stuff, and I did not get to go. This year, I am back at it, bringing Systems Development to the masses – at lease, the RSDC attendees.

RSDC is in Orlando, FL. More precisely, at the Swan and Dolphin, right next to Epcot – yes, on the Disney lot. This may seem exciting, but if previous conferences are any indication, I will not have time to see the attractions. This year, I will be manning the Systems tech preview pedestal in the solution centre^H^Her. And if you want to see what we will be doing, you will have to some and see me. And if you’re really nice, I may even give you nice demos…

I guess I should really take that occasion to start blogging again. I have been rather sporadic. Mostly because of work (and process…).

One of the interesting aspects of this year’s RSDC is that many events will be held in Second Life. IBM has spent a lot of money within this virtual world and I guess we need to expand our (already large) presence. I do have an avatar in SL, but I can’t access from my laptop. I hope there will be computers at the conference where I can get it – but I would probably have to let customers have their fun…

Rational Software Development Conferene 2007