Printer woes…and boat anchors!

I have this nice printer in my home office. It’s all black and dark greys and has this nice little red diamond in the logo. (Printer company name withheld to protect…well…someone!) And it’s one of the printers “recommended” by my company for use in a home office. The only problem is that it is about as useful in my office as a boat anchor…and actually less so since it weighs almost nothing.

Ever since I got this piece of home office equipment, I have had nothing but problems. Although being a colour ink jet printer, it will only print colour on the test pages. If I send a colour document to it, it will just ignore the colour. Perhaps I should just use coloured paper! And, by the way, I do use branded ink cartridge from the manufacturer in the printer, so there should be no question of compatibility.

But I think the worst problem (I don’t really need colour for business-related stuff…) is that it will not print if the monitoring application is not started! If, for some reason, I forget to start the “<insert brand name here> Solution Center”, then the print job will just sit in the queue, not printing, and not even being cancellable. It now has a hold on printing and there is nothing I can do but reboot!

I just wanted a quick one page printout to take with me to a partner meeting and now I have to reboot!?!

Even though this is one of the “recommended” printers and even though I can get the ink cartridge for it through work, I do not think it will last very long…

Anyone wants a cheap boat anchor?

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