Pop goes the Palm!


This is not going to be a good day… My office is also a spare bedroom and we had visitors over the weekend, so I reset my workspace to start work this morning. Connected the ThinkPad – no problem. Took out the Palm Tungsten E2 that has been my PDA of choice for the last few years, pressed the calendar to turn it on to look at my schedule while the TP was booting and got a strange screen. So I reset it and it came back up to the preference page. So I pressed the calendar button again only to hear a POP followed by a slowly fading image of the screen content…

And that was it. I could not restart it. Tried to disconnect can reconnect the battery. Tried with and without power. This time, it is toast. RIP.

I have been relying on Palm-based devices since the PalmPilot Personal, years ago. I am mostly relying on it for calendar entries and as an address book, but also as a general reference tool. Luckily, I make backups of everything on every sync, so I did not lose anything. But I still need the device! Or, at least, a device…

I do want to stay with electronic devices as I feel there are significant advantages to the usage I make of them. One thing for sure, I will not be getting another Palm Tungsten E2 as I have had nothing but problems with that model. So I am now turning to the community: What should I be getting next? What have you used that you find useful?


5 thoughts on “Pop goes the Palm!

  1. With a name like that, they may also have nice pen… I like nice pen…especially nice fountain pen. I took my fountain pen out again after getting the Moleskine, the paper is just too nice for plain old biros (with a wink to any potential UK reader)…

  2. Oh yes. I recommend Quill & Press in Acton … they have an entire rack filled with Moleskines upstairs… and lots of fun art supplies downstairs. 🙂

  3. Actually, I got one just last weekend! It took a while to find a store around here that carried them. Unfortunately, the store from which I got it only had two models. I’ll be down in MA (Tewksbury and Lexington) next week – any good place that have a good assortment over there?
    So the reason I got the Moleskine is to move away from GTD on index card to a more consistent (and less prone to spillage) approach implementing GTD on Moleskine. Wish me luck… I never did manage to run GTD correctly on the PDA.
    Now, if I can only figure out how to make the Moelskine ring before my appointments…

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