Back from Sweden

I’m back from almost two weeks in Sweden visiting a customer. The trip was nice. I got lucky on the way over, getting to sit in a newly reconfigured B-767-300 with the lie-flat mini-cabins in business class. There is a picture here, although it may disappear in the future… It was a bit strange to be sitting at an angle, but then each seat has a fairly large LCD screen! Unfortunately, most of the programming for the personal video system had not been completed. And then again, I typically sleep on the way over to Europe (sometimes even before we reach cruising altitude), so I would not really had a chance to enjoy it. Maybe I’ll get lucky again in the future! But it did not happen on the way back.

I have been asked by Kelly to provide pictures. So, I have created a Flickr account and made a picture set from Stockholm. The pictures aren’t great because I have an old digital camera and there were snow flurries that day. I should pull out the old pictures, from seven years ago, and post them too.

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