What to do in Stockholm?

As I stated previously, I am in Stockholm and after a few meetings held at GMT-5 time (i.e., late in the evening here), I am wondering what to do…

Would anyone out there who have experienced in the Stockholm restaurant/tourist scene like to send suggestions my way?

Thanks in advance!

4 thoughts on “What to do in Stockholm?

  1. OK! I got the Flickr account and posted some pictures. More details in another post in this blog!And traveling with Rational was easier than with IBM. The bigger the company, the more rules!

  2. Definitely get a flickr account … we want pictures! 🙂

    I went to Fem Sma Hus during the Rational Suite 1.0 world tour. Back in the day …

  3. I went geocaching in Gamla Stan and Södermalm, so I walked quite a lot and saw a bunch of things.
    Fem Smâ Hus! You have expensive tastes! I know a few cheaper places that are very good…and within IBM budget.
    Drottningholm palace is too far – I don’t have that much time. Plus, there was a snow storm over the weekend, so I did not want to get caught too far.
    Thanks for the suggestions!
    I should probably get a Flickr account and post pictures.

  4. Definitely head over to Gamla Stan (the old town) – fun to walk around and shop.

    Fem Sma Hus is a great restaurant.

    Drottningholm Palace.

    And it may be too early, but if semlor are available, you MUST have one. Or more.

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