User + Great Product = Passion

Passionate users are what anyone would want for their products. They are what causes viral marketing and are a major factor in retention. And the best part is that you typically don’t have to goad them to talk about your product! But how do you get these users?!? The simple answer is “make a great product”! Well, that would be too simple… Making a product is easy, making a product that users will use is difficult, and making a product about which users will be passionate is close to a miracle!

For example, look at all the blogs out there. How many are truly popular blogs? Well, this one is not (yet!). It was very easy to create this blog and there are a few readers, but I do not think it has created a passion just yet. Interestingly, my internal blog at IBM is faring better – but then there are things I can say on the internal blog that would get me fired if I put them here… And what about all those open source applications on SourceForge? What makes one succeed and another one fail?

All that to say that there is a blog that can help open up your eyes about the user experience: Creating Passionate Users. This one has been in my syndication feed for a while, but I have renewed my interest in it since I am getting back into product management – and will therefore be looking for those users who are passionate!

In the interest of research, I will leave you with a question: Have you ever found a product for with you were passionate? If so, what pushed you from content to passionate user?

3 thoughts on “User + Great Product = Passion

  1. I’ll second Kellyd’s vote for Apple (my iPod and I go everywhere together) and also add a vote for the Tom Tom. I actually bought it for someone else, so I don’t really own it. But I’m regularly receiving emails from the lucky owner, describing how the Tom Tom managed to direct them through deepest darkest Cornwall or Scotland, to arrive at desired (seems odd to use that word in the context of the rest of this sentence…) sewage treatment site.

  2. You know, I was a huge fan of the original mac, and I even owned a IIcx. But it was just not the mainstream in my line of work. But I must say that I really like the latest incarnations and OS-X looks really good. Maybe I’ll be swayed back into the fold…

  3. I’m sure you know what I’m going to say, but I’ll say it anyway:


    The user experience and great design are what won me over.

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