IBM Hack Day 2 Project Done!

Well, I’m done. I have finished my hack day 2 project. I can’t say it was without a few misfortune…

First, the system on which I was working had connectivity issues. It’s not really interesting to have a ssh session drop continuously while editing files. That really slowed me down. I have no idea, however, whether this was due to my wireless connection, the cable internet connection, or to the server on the other side.

The second problem I encountered is that the Perl XML::Parser module was not installed on that machine. And of course, the administrator were nowhere to be found. So I had to write up a quick and dirty XML parser tailored to the data I am expecting. Not a great idea – so I’ll have to re-code that when a real parser gets installed. But for now, it seems to work.

So, what was this project you ask? It’s a simple application that take someone’s name and graphically pinpoints their location within the building. I was previously using a manually created database of all the people in the building (maintained religiously by the receptionists). I am now directly connected to the enterprise employee directory. In the end, it is not that much lot less code, probably because of the ^@^%$# parser I had to write, but at least it is always up-to-date! Unfortunately, it only works for that one, single, lonely location in IBM. Maybe other locations will pick it up…

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