Hack Day at IBM

Hack Day is really getting to be a big thing within IBM. Our own hack day guru, Kelly, has been working extra hard to transform this from a single day of hacking into a full-week event leading to that fateful day. We will be treated with a whole bunch of activities during the week, including training sessions to help get us started!

I had the misfortune of missing the first hack day because of business reasons (those pesky great customers)! But I have an idea this time around and I do intend (feverishly hope) that I will have time that week. I already booked the day, so I should not be getting meeting requests.

Ah! The thrill of writing code again!

5 thoughts on “Hack Day at IBM

  1. Andy: I would dangle the “coding” aspect, but you probably already do that… Maybe if Kelly threw in a video of her dancing in the office…

  2. Thanks, Charles, for helping to get the word out.

    The excitement is building and I can’t wait. I think the best and coolest thing about Hack Day is the grassroots nature of it. Sure, it was nice that we got a tiny bit of Biz Tech money to help out this time, but without the scores of enthusiastic and energetic IBMers willing to volunteer their time and talents to make it happen, there would be no Hack Day.

    And I’m with you … after a few years of pointy-headed managerdom, I’d sell my heavily-tattooed first-born for the chance to code again. 🙂

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