IBM Bloggers

There are many blogs and sites out there that list the myriad of IBM bloggers. I actually have a few listed in my own blogroll, but that is just a small list of the people! You have to realise that IBM is a huge company, so there is bound to be a bunch of IBMers who blog out there. I would not dream of recreating such a list – the maintenance would just be a nightmare. However, I do believe in trying to publicise what IBMers do! So here are a few links to where you can find other IBMers who blog on their own:

One of the interesting blog to check out is eightbar (named, I assume, in reference to the eight horizontal bars making up the IBM logo). This blog is all about the presence of IBMers in the SecondLife virtual world. [Note to self: I do have to get a new video card so I can join that community!]

IBM also has a thriving internal blogging community and I would invite any IBMer out there to go visit it (contact me if you have no idea where it is)!