My past as a product manager

This post was moved over from my old blog on Blogger. It was originally posted on 2006.11.08. The links have been updated to reflect the reality of this new blog.

As I mentioned in a previous post separate page, I used to be a product manager at IBM. Actually, I used to be a product manager at Rational before the acquisition and I just kept on going for a while until the job changed. At some point, our job changed from what Rational thought a product manager should to to what IBM expected. At that point, I moved into the solution architect role.

As a product manager, I worked on Rational’s, and IBM’s, modeling tools: Rose, XDE, and the RSx (Rational Software Modeler, Rational Software Architect, and Rational Systems Developer) product lines. Yes, there are some things in these products that can be blamed on me…but I can no longer do anything about it! (Hopefully, this will prevent the hate mail…you can still send fan mail!)

I actually liked doing product management, it allowed me to interact with customer, to get ideas from them as to how the products should evolve, to show them what we foresee as the future. It also allowed me to attend the Rational Software Development Conference (this years was the first one I missed…although I attended the first one as a customer).

So what do I do now as a solution architect? Well, that would be a topic for another post…

2 thoughts on “My past as a product manager

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  2. I’d be interested in that follow-on post, not understanding what exactly happened in Product Manager-Land with the acquisition, and how a Solution Architect is different.

    I always thought I’d like to be a product manager.

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