Kelly’s on the move! Why?!?

It seems that my fellow IBM blogger, Kelly, has moved off Blogger and to greener (at least she tells me) pastures.

Blogger is my first attempt at a blog, so I am not overly familiar with the various “engines” out there. However, Kelly’s move has me wondering…is there indeed better environments out there?!? Hey, if it gives me a better editor than what Blogger provides (where at least I can type in HTML without fear of reformatting), I think I would be gone in a second. Especially since I do not yet have much baggage to tie me down anywhere.

So I’m asking the blogosphere at large (OK, the two people who read me – Hi mom!): Why would I want to stay with Blogger and why would I want to move to the “X” engine/site?

9 thoughts on “Kelly’s on the move! Why?!?

  1. Wow, what a fuss I stirred up! ๐Ÿ™‚ I still owe the world a “blogger vs. wordpress” post with my (admittedly unimportant), but there’s a turkey waiting tomorrow with my name on it.

    Maybe Friday.htt

  2. OK. So I’ve created a blog over at WordPress and so far so good – at least the HTML editor worked properly!

    Now to explore further…

  3. Thanks Andy, Luis, and Per Henrik!

    That’s it. I’m going over and giving this a try…

  4. Hey, is not that bad. I use it for my own hosted blog. I am considering wordpress though due to the wealth of plugins available. I just need to convince myself to do the installations necessary to get wp to work on an IIS server…

    BTW: I am one of your 2 bloglines subscribers – but it appears that you have many more using other readers ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Charles ! Yes, indeed, like already suggested, get going and join us at the magic world of WordPress, whether you host your own or over at the difference is just so huge ! I have been hosting my own already for over a year and it has been a total delight. So go for it !

    Oh, by the way, welcome to the Internet Blogosphere ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Come to WordPress.

    It really does have fantastic features and it is improving all the time – another new one (Friend Surfer) was added yesterday. Blogger has stagnated since Google bought it. I left back in March, and barring the initial frustration with the lack of ability to embed any-old-script in the sidebar, I love it!

    The only slightly misleading thing is that currently, can’t import from the “new” Blogger ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. Thanks Timothy!

    I am already looking at WordPress and I’ll have a look at Typepad – although I think I should stick to a free service for now…

  8. Yes =) move, get out of the Google empire.

    I recommend wordpress for a free service. famous bloggers like kelly and scoble have already done this.

    or Typepad for a paid, professional service. better service and has a real business behind it, with a revenue model that is.

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