Back from St. Louis

Well, I was actually back last Thursday – but just barely…

The flight from STL to YYZ (Toronto Pearson Airport), where I (unfortunately) had to change planes was a few minutes late. This resulted in a lack of ground crew, which meant we had to wait on the tarmack. Luckily, it is not a good thing to have a plane just sitting there, in the way, so we got a crew to direct us in within 20 minutes. Not great, but not too bad… And then, the fun started. Since that crew had to be diverted from another flight, they had to get back to it to finish unloading, before being allowed to come back to us. Well, that meant another 45 minutes waiting for the sky check luggage to come through (CRJs just don’t have enough storage space for the laptop bag and my overnight bag). I can only imagine how the people who checked luggage must have felt… Now, of course, that meant that the bus that would normally take us from the satellite terminal to the main terminal was no longer waiting (it took the passengers that had checked luggage), so we had to wait for a new one to be dispatched (another 15 minutes). At that point, I had to go through customs (luckily, and unusually, very quick) and make my way from terminal 2 to terminal 1…which means getting out of the secure zone and through security again!!!

Well, I made it. I was probably the last person to board the flight back home, but I made it. I should mention again that I do not like YYZ as an airport. It just seems stuck in a century past (perhaps the century of the fruitbat – with apology to Terry Pratchett).

All this, and I was locked up in a meeting room for three days in St. Louis and did not get a chance to see the sights… I’ll have to try and go see the Arch the next time I’m over there (in a few weeks).