If it’s good enough for Kelly, it’s good enough for me.

Hi. In the spirit of openess and full disclosure, here are a few statements…

I work for IBM as a Solution Architect, although I was a product manager for a while. However, I do not receive any compensation (e.g., money) from IBM for this blog. This is mine. These are my opinions and ideas.

I do make every effort to follow IBM’s blogging guidelines, one of which is transparency, which is the purpose of this post, because…

  • I like working for IBM.
  • I’d like to continue working for IBM.
  • I do NOT want to be “dooced
    (I didn’t even know about this until I read it off Kelly’s blog!)

The purpose of this blog is to:

  • open up a conversation about things technical – whether they exist or not;
  • talk a bit about the stuff IBM does – but don’t ask me about what IBM will do – I can’t answer that (even if I know!);
  • be part of an IBM blogger community – so you can find other IBM’ers out there with different interests;
  • talk about how this whole social computing thingamajig could influence software development and governance going forward;
  • other things that may cross my mind (or lack thereof).

If you are looking for gossip or anything that IBM may do in the future, this isn’t the place. There are tabloids for gossip and IBM has sales/account teams to talk about futures (with proper mechanisms in place).

IBM DOES encourage and support blogging, internally and externally. In IBM, I have one personal blog. There are things I discuss on that blog that I can’t copy here. There are things that will be posted on both blogs. And there are things that will only be posted here. And no, I will not tell which is which (but you are free to make guesses).

Why blog?

  • Because I think it is an interesting discussion medium that fits my introvert personality;
  • I think there should be more discussion out there and more point of views (yes, you are free to mine);
  • This means that I like comment, be they praise or critique;
  • Go ahead! I dare you to tell me I have strange ideas! (Actually, I think that would be a compliment…);
  • I hope it will help me think. Putting ideas out there and having them commented (OK, ridiculed) is good.

There is, however, one thing I will not tolerate: disrespect. You can tell me I am wrong and out of my mind, but please do so in an intelligent, well-behaved way.


All opinions expressed in any of these blogging forums is strictly my own, and do NOT represent those of IBM, IBM management, or anyone else. (And sometimes, they may not even be mine…but then I’ll try to let you know!)

All errors in these forums are my own: I can’t type without a spell and syntax checker.

6 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. Timothy: I’m new to this external blogging thing, so I just used the defaults. I have now (hopefully) opened up for external comments too.

  2. =) cool, I actually had the pleasure to go through the guidelines with my manager as well the other day.

    hey, could you enable non-google account user comments as well? =) I happen to use another blogging service.

  3. Kelly: Of course! I have sent in my application.

    Timothy: I can’t take the credit: Kelly did it first. Plus, full disclosure is part of IBM’s blogging guidelines (and God knows we have a few lawyers!)…

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